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Questions for Caleb Pike

Interview with Daniel Hayek- Staff member at Vimeo

1. Do you think DSLR’s for film are a fad? Or are they here to stay?  DSLRs are great for achieving shallow depth of field, their low light performance, and lens flexibility. Having the ability to capture high res stills is also very handy when it comes to making stop motion and time lapse videos. That being said I think MILCs are the future-

2. Any good books/movie recommendations? I recommend AFI’s top 100 films-
In terms of books I’d say Story by Robert McKee and the Filmmaker’s Handbook by Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus are solid classics.

3. Why should people choose vimeo over/in combination with youtube?  What makes Vimeo unique are really 4 things. Design, Control, Content, & Community. We put a lot of thought into designing a site that makes sense visually. We grant you very granular control over your videos, especially with our Plus & PRO memberships. Vimeo is also home to consistently amazing stories, we don’t rely on shock value. Finally our Community is incredibly supportive, fun, and friendly. People are kind and constructive with one another on Vimeo in ways you don’t see often on the internet.

4. What would you say the best attributes are for someone who wants to get into the film industry? You have to love making films, have good social skills b/c filmmaking is very collaborative, and be willing to take creative risks.

5. Favorite Director?  P. T. Anderson, Michael Cuesta, Pedro Almodóvar, and Jason Reitman are some of my favorite contemporary directors.

6.  Coolest part of your job is… ? The coolest part of my job is hearing or seeing people getting something out of my work with education. It’s fun to help people develop the ability to express themselves through video.